The bulldog figurine range varies from approximately 4 to 5 inches tall and all are accompanied with a licence of authenticity and their very own Kennel box.


The first 17 bulldogs from the date of release each carried an extra feature. These were called Version “a” . After a month the extra part was omitted and it went into the general range, called Version “b”. This instantly created collectability without confusion.

Limited Editions:

Since 2006 the bulldogs have been made in very small editions of only 25 or 50 worldwide. Unlike the general range, they do not have an extra feature - all 25 or 50 being numbered within the edition size. The very small numbers made of each piece will hopefully, once again, make them highly collectable.


Limited Editions

Launched during 2010 in limited editions of only 50 worldwide to compliment the Bulldog figures range.  Each thimble is approximable 1.5 to 1.75 inches in height.


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Winston Churchill Bulldog - Web Special - SOLD OUT
Product Code : Released : BD005c Height : 11.4..
Winston Churchill Thimble - SOLD OUT
Product Code : T004 Released : November 2010 Height : ..
Witch Bulldog
Product Code : BD066 Released : November 2017 Height : ..
WW1 Nurse Bulldog
Name :  WW1 Nurse Bulldog Product Code : BD055 Released : August 2014 Height : 12...
WW1 Soldier Bulldog
Name :  WW1 Soldier Bulldog Product Code : BD054 Released : August 2014 Height : 13.3cm..